Dunja Herzog

Dunja Herzog

I know it's a zebra when I see stripes/
Laughter is usually the end of the conversation

Istituto Svizzero – Piano Nobile.
Two exhibitions in Milan and Geneva, chosen works
freely described by Ariane Müller, Reto Pulfer and others.

Concept + Design

80 p.
NERO, Rome

studio stg is a studio for visual design, systems and communication, founded in 2009 by Philipp Graf
and Janine Stratmann.
studio stg creates and produces physical and digital matters of all genres containing print, identities, corporate publishing. Working with diverse clients, such as publishing houses, institutions, enterprises
and artists.
We are convinced, that the aim of design has to be more than its surface, so studio stg is also giving interdisciplinary lectures, workshops and is teaching at design academy berlin.

Lahnstr. 86. 12055 Berlin
T +49 (0)30 755 24 270

new name ++ new name ++ new name

Byebye Bon Bon Büro. Stand up for


Unser Buch von Dunja Herzog in
der Kunsthalle Basel.

VORTRAG 5.3.15

Lecture im typoclub an der
Hochschule der Künste Bern.

WORKSHOP 17.1.15

an der Universität Siegen.

CI des 14. Literaturfestivals
New Level/Games und Autoren
in Köln und Berlin.

VORTRAG 16.11.13

Lecture auf dem 25. Tag
der Typografie
in Bern.

Newcomer Nominee


Milena Carstens' HERMES IS BLEEDING in der Shortlist des 2013 International Photobook Dummy Award.

Listed as one of the most interesting studios in Berlin.


1. Tagung am Institut für Buchgestaltung, FH Bielefeld

Literaturclub im Schweizer
Fernsehen. Dieter Meier und ICH ERINNERE MICH. 


Mit Strobo an der Universität der Künste über unser gemeinsames Projekt: Modell A-MASCHINE.